Best Tips to Improve your Literacy

Okay, there so many mistakes that people make that are very silly. These mistakes include words lie mixing, and you are and your, and which and who. These are the minor mistakes that most scholars make. However, you can achieve the literacy you need if you put in your time, resources, and attention to learn. Even the lecturers who are in very great universities still have literacy issues. The only thing that we may do to help ourselves is to learn and keep on learning. But here, we will give you some tips that will help you overcome your literacy problems.

  • Read a lot of books

Do not say that reading is only for some people. In most scenarios, reading is how you can get the proper choices of words. If you are using an eBook, make sure you set it the hard-to-understand (read) font. When you use this method, you will keep information in your mind for a long time. And you understand information more efficiently.

  • Literacy courses

It is as a rule. Most schools and institutions have this subject where they give to adults and kids literacy lessons. If you want to improve your literacy level, you have to check if you have such opportunities in your area of studying or staying.

  • Online courses

This method is also much better, and there is no use of use moving out of your comfort zone to look for classes elsewhere. There are very many websites that you as an individual can select from. Choose a course that suits you properly.

  • Online resources

Suppose you are that student who is lazy or has no time to do the whole course. Some videos show you how to improve your literacy. For example, a platform like the BBC offers some lessons in reading, spelling, grammar, writing, sentence grammar, speaking, and listening. 

  • Mobile apps

One can also improve their skills of literacy just by downloading the app on their phones. You can use this app from anywhere at any time as long as your phone has power. Because there is no way, you will use the app when your phone is off. 

  • Writing paragraphs of texts

At least practice what you are learning; this will help you work on your spelling problems. Do not focus on writing that makes sense. Write anything that comes to mind. Focus on your spelling and other grammatical errors. In this way, you will see progress as you keep in writing.

  • Put off the auto spelling check

As we are advancing, technology is also advancing. So their applications that auto-corrects your spelling. Now you can decide to put off your auto-correct function from your phone so that you can figure out the spelling of each word. In this will be able to find out which spelling is correct by yourself. As you keep on doing that, you will progress greatly.

  • Dictation

Get a friend, sister, or anyone good at dictating notes. So what the person has to do is dictate the notes as you write the notes down. It will help you check on your spelling errors and other grammatical errors. After writing the notes, evaluate yourself.


If you know you cannot do it yourself, get someone to help you—someone like a tutor.

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