Becoming an Accomplished Freelance Proofreader and Editor

Writing often represents the first process of a three-step process of putting out an accomplished literature piece. In almost every scenario, you have to write, get your write-up edited, then proofread before you can have it published. For this reason, the demand for proofreading and editorial work has increased. However, the number of editors and proofreaders has not increased significantly.

An ever-increasing demand for proofreaders and editors, and the benefits of working as a proofreader or editor, has increased the desire of most people to venture into this career. However, plenty of these individuals lack the necessary capacity to proofread and edit pieces effectively. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to find plenty of questions on how to go about editing or proofreading write-ups. To enhance your proofreading and editorial work capacity, you have to consider the following prominent queries and how to go about them.

Essential Considerations to Become an Accomplished Proofreader and Editor

  • What requirements do you need to become an accomplished copy editor? The simple answer to the question often encompasses the truth that anyone can become a proofreader or copy editor. No general standards exist to qualify you in becoming a proofreader or copy editor. However, you have to possess excellent grammar, spelling, and the ability to pay attention to the minor details to succeed. Additionally, having an outstanding grasp of English as a language can help. It should also include the word choice, style, and writing mechanics of fiction or nonfiction write-ups. Proofreaders need to display organization, though this never proves a certainty.
  • How can you get started? Which jobs can you get to start? Plenty of individuals who pursue this craft start by placing their applications for a full-time or part-time position in an accomplished editing company.  Try and make the application as you would for other job vacancies. Ensure that you sell yourself complete with your achievements. Here, you can display your experience proofreading and editing samples to demonstrate your editorial capacity. Additionally, you can enlist the help of a preferred senior editor in double-checking your work, especially at the onset.
  • Set yourself up. Setting yourself in a freelancing capacity can become pivotal in becoming an accomplished proofreader and editor. It primarily works where you have some confidence emanating from prior experience, and in which case you can go it alone. To start, get a freelance site to place your bid and get that editing project. Such websites include Freelancer, Guru, UpWork, etc.
  • Additionally, you can decide to go solo, where you start your editing company either a sole proprietorship or a limited company. Whatever you choose, you have to ensure that the site you establish or use proves stylish and clean. Plenty of websites come looking terrible, and by setting a brilliant template, you will set your site apart from the competition.
  • Think local. It becomes crucial to advertise locally, as much as the web can reach far and wide. Try and use business cards, yellow pages (as a few people still use them), fliers, and author-popular places like coffee shops, bookstores, etc., can also work.
  • Establish a niche. It is often difficult to sell editing and proofreading services because plenty of individuals look for extra specific services. It can include something like manuscript editing, novel proofreading, essay proofreading, and editing, etc. Therefore, if you find a compelling niche like manuscript editing, you have to go for it and establish it as your niche.
  • The writing service fee you should charge. Plenty of writing firms charge diverse rates when it comes to proofreading and editing services. It mainly depends on the services requires, such as copy editing on top of proofreading services or just the proofreading services. Additionally, the rate can also depend on how comprehensive the client’s file requires editing. In most cases, the rates will come charged for every hour, while it comes based on the word count in some cases. 
  • Methods of accepting payment. GoogleCheckout and PayPal represent two of the top popular payment methods owing to their ease in setting up and their simplicity and reliability.


You can always become an accomplished proofreader and editor once you set yourself up to become one. However, by considering the article’s aspects, you can become a successful editor and proofreader.

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